About us

Guacamaya Films is the leading Film and Cinema Production Studio in Honduras. Based out of our offices in Tegucigalpa and Roatan, Guacamaya Films specializes in the production of Feature Films, Documentary Films, Short Films, Animated Films and Film related production services such as Production Management for International Film Productions, Location Scouting, Post-Production Services, Equipment Rental, Casting Services etc. We operate and service productions in the territories of Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica & Panama.

Our passion for art and cinema is brought to life by a team of highly motivated and experienced individuals from the region. We strive to bring world class production values to our productions with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity.


  • Feature Films
  • Short Films
  • Documentals
  • Equipment Rental
  • Location Scouting
  • Production Management
  • Castings & Talent Scouting
  • Pre-Production Services
  • Post-Production Services
  • Animation and Special Effects - 2D/3D

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Job Opportunities

Guacamaya Films is always on the look out for Talented Actors, Models, Extras, DP's, Sound Mixers, Assistant Directors, Producers, Make-up Specialists, Production Assistants, Camera Assistants, Unit Production Managers, Stills Photographers, Animation Speciaists, Editors, Composers, Line Producers, Talented Interns and much more. We accept applications from all over the region and internationally. Our production teams are multi-national and we look forward to hearing from you. Mail us your resume and details to or submit your resume online with our online casting service.

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